Our Story

As homeowners spent more time at home due to the worldwide lock downs resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic, their desire to redesign their existing outdoor space skyrocketed.  Our founder was one of those homeowners, excited at the prospects of a modern, luxurious backyard for his family that would rival a resort.

He quickly grew frustrated with the countless hours spent researching and engaging various landscapers and contractors only to be disappointed by their flakiness, lack-of-vision, tired and dated designs, and sales-oriented tactics pushing undesirable products and finishes.  With full support from his wife and family, he decided to design his own backyard using techniques he had learned in his day job as a software engineer familiar with 3D CAD modeling software, along with real-life experience gained from previous landscaping construction projects in his previous residences. 

As the designs were shared with family and friends to gather suggestions and feedback, interest spread like wildfire.  Within a matter of days, our founder was asked to design backyard spaces for over a dozen family and friends!  In turn, those family and friends shared their designs with their networks, and pretty soon our founder found his true calling in life – to help homeowners design their perfect oasis!

mo3drn LLC was founded in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic to help dreamers achieve their luxury outdoor landscape vision.

What We Offer

We design inspired and unique luxury outdoor spaces. Our design services make the handoff to your contractor effortless and easy, and are crafted to be compliant with your city/town’s permit requirements. We will also partner with you to overcome or workaround any natural landscape obstacles, Homeowners Association (HOA) restrictions, City/Town restrictions, or other obstacles that may impede your design.

Our design services include:

  •  A live walk-through of your project proposal using Augmented Reality (AR) technology
  • A 3D video fly-through of your proposed design
  • Many high-quality 3D picture renderings of your proposed design
  • A dimensioned site plan with structural detail sheets
  • A dimensioned planting diagram
  • A proposed materials list with quantities specified
  • As many sessions with your designer as necessary to capture your vision

How We Execute

Interactive 3D gives us the power to create an incredible experience for our clients. We match visionary landscape artists with cutting edge 3D graphics designers to create realistic 3D renderings of your home complete with a backyard oasis!

You can walk or even fly through your future outdoor living space with our virtual VR tour, and explore the personalized features of your landscape design. We invite you to imagine yourselves enjoying your space as never before, giving you a clear understanding of your project in extraordinary detail.

We use a combination of GIS data plus ultra-high-resolution aerial images, as well as in-person site visits for your landscape design. Image detail down to 3” per pixel means we can calculate square footage, measure the perimeter, spot any potential limitations, automatically generate terrain lines, and assess the outdoor living space before stepping foot onto the site.

From wood to pavers, tile to walls — the material of each and every surface of your outdoor living design is easy to visualize with our 3D presentation and plans.


Initial Concept Drawings

Review & Redesign Sessions

Detailed Renderings / Augmented Reality

Handoff Design to Contractor

Design Becomes Reality

Why Hire Us?

We can eliminate the hassle of drawing up construction plans separately by using the powerful, customizable outdoor living design software construction layer to add symbols and plumbing, electrical, and gas lines immediately and directly to our designs. Your design will be ready to hand off to your contractor and crew for immediate work.

Instant calculations give us the data we need, automatically. Smart Data makes it easy to tackle cumbersome hardscape calculations, from step risers to turn down measurements. We can calculate even the most complicated measurements, including dirt displacement, rebar calculations, concrete yardage, and gallonage. Estimating projects is easier than ever.